New Release Court Kings, Hoops T-Mall & Prizm Choice Hobby Box Basketball Hobby!

New Release Court Kings, Hoops T-Mall & Prizm Choice Hobby Box Basketball Hobby!

23-24 Panini Court Kings Basketball Hobby

2023-24 Panini Court Kings NBA Basketball Cards delivers (1) Autographed Card, (1) Memorabilia Card, (1) Parallel, (4) Base Cards plus (1) Rookie Card and (2) Insert Cards in Every Box! Court Kings returns and brings unique art-based designs. LOADED with several HOBBY EXCLUSIVES!



  • (1) Autographed Card
  • (1) Memorabilia Card
  • (4) Base Cards
  • (1) Rookie Card
  • (1) Parallel
  • (2) Insert Cards

2023-24 Panini Court Kings NBA Basketball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (1) Autographed Card in Every Box!
    • Find autographs from the top rookies, veterans, and legends in Brush Strokes, Impressionist Ink, and Masterstrokes! Also search for the BRAND NEW Amber parallel in the Fresh Paint, Heir Apparent, and Legacy Portrait Signatures sets!
  • (1) Rookie Card in Every Box!
    • Collect all FOUR versions of the rookies in Rookies I, Rookies II, Rookies III, and the super short-print Rookies IV! Also search for the short-printed Rookie Exclusive, which can ONLY be found randomly inserted in Hobby Boxes!
  • (1) Memorabilia Card in Every Box!
    • Search for the NEW Debut Showcase Memorabilia insert with parallels #’d to 25 or less!
  • (2) Insert Cards in Every Box!
    • Court Kings offers some of the most unique inserts of the year including Self Expression and SUPER-SHORT Printed Aurora, Paint by Number, and State of the Art!
  • Configuration: 16 boxes/1 pack/10 cards


2023-24 Panini Prizm Choice Hobby

2023-24 Panini Prizm Choice NBA Basketball Cards brings (1) Autographed Card, (2) Silver Prizms plus (2) Other Prizms and (3) CHOICE EXCLUSIVE Prizms in Every Box! The most popular release of the year, Prizm Basketball is back with a familiar configuration and plenty of EXCLUSIVE parallels and autograph content.



  • (1) Autographed Card
  • (2) Silver Prizms
  • (2) Other Prizms


  • (1) Autographed Card in Every Box!
    • Find autographs of top NBA superstars and rookies in EXCLUSIVE Choice Prizm parallels in Sensational Signatures, Signatures and Rookie Signatures! Search for a variety of EXCLUSIVE parallels including Choice (#’d/88 or less), Choice Green (#’d/8) and the NEW Choice Blue (#’d/49 or less)!
  • (7) Prizms including (3) CHOICE EXCLUSIVE Prizms in Every Box!
    • Look for the Choice-Exclusive Base parallels in Choice Blue Yellow and Green, Choice Tiger Stripe, Choice Red (#’d/88), Choice Blue (#’d/49), Choice Green (#’d/8), Choice Nebula (#’d/1) and the NEW Choice Cherry Blossom (#’d/20)! Find the top players from around the league including the top names from the 2023 NBA Draft Class!
  • Configuration: 20 boxes/1 pack/8 cards

23-24 Panini Hoops Basketball TMALL Hobby

2023-24 Panini Hoops NBA Basketball Cards ASIA EDITION delivers (1) Autographed Cards plus (8) EXCLUSIVE Parallels and (12) Inserts in Every Box! 2023-24 Hoops Basketball tips-off the NEW NBA season with your chance to collect the first rookie cards of players selected in the 2023 NBA Draft in their NBA jerseys! 

Configuration: 20 boxes/4 packs/10 cards

2023-24 Panini Hoops NBA Basketball Cards Asia Edition Box BREAK:

  • (8) EXCLUSIVE Parallels
  • (12) Inserts

2023-24 Panini Hoops NBA Basketball Cards ASIA EDITION PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Search for randomly inserted autographs of highly anticipated rookies, as well as the league's top veterans, retired players, as well as NBA legends, in Hot Signatures Rookies, Hot Signatures, Hoops Ink and Rookie Ink all in an Asia-Exclusive Hyper Gold parallel!
  • (12) Inserts in Every Box!
    • Find Zero Gravity, City Edition and Hoopla! Also search for the NEW inserts, Attack the Rack and Sheesh! All parallels come in Hyper Red (#’d/99), Hyper Green (#’d/25), or Hyper Gold (#’d/10), all exclusive to Hoops Asia!
  • Find (8) Base, Base Rookies, or Base Hoops Tribute Asia-Exclusive parallels in Every Box which includes Hyper Blue, Hyper Red (#’d/99), Hyper Green (#’d/25), and Hyper Gold (#’d/10)!

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