Neue Releases Panini America Immaculate 23 Hobby Football, Revolution 23/24 Hobby Basketball, Impeccable 23 Hobby WWE und Futera 24 Unique Nostalgia!

Neue Releases Panini America Immaculate 23 Hobby Football, Revolution 23/24 Hobby Basketball, Impeccable 23 Hobby WWE und Futera 24 Unique Nostalgia!

2023 Panini Immaculate Collection Football Hobby Box

2023 Panini Immaculate NFL Football Cards delivers (5) Autographed or Memorabilia Cards plus (1) Base or Parallel in Every Box! The incomparable Immaculate Football is once again dressed to thrill in 2023 with a spectacular array of RPA stunners, autographs from the biggest current stars and greatest legends, along some of the most stunning memorabilia cards of the entire season.

Configuration: 6 boxes/1 pack/6 cards

2023 Panini Immaculate NFL Football Box Break:

  • (5) Autographed or Memorabilia Cards
  • (1) Base or Parallel

2023 Panini Immaculate NFL Football PRODUCT Highlights:

  • (5) Autographed or Memorabilia Cards in Every Box!
    • Some of the most desirable autograph memorabilia content of the product season can be found only in Immaculate Football, headlined by the sublime and HARD-SIGNED Rookie Patch Autographs and Premium Patch Autographs.
    • Immaculate’s trademark autograph inserts return, featuring the popular Signature Moves, Immaculate Moments, Immaculate Dual Autographs and more.
    • Immaculate features only the highest-level memorabilia-card chases with the likes of Rookie Logos, Immaculate HOF Jerseys and Immaculate Dual NFL Shields.
    • NEW! Collect base set variations with the Base Cleats and Base Action chases.

23-24 Panini Revolution Basketball Hobby Box

2023-24 Panini Revolution NBA Basketball Cards delivers (4) Rookies, (4) Inserts and (8) Parallels in Every Box!

A familiar brand to the basketball community, Revolution makes its return for another season offering collectors a variety of autographs, parallels, and inserts to chase that are numbered from 149 or less!

Search for Neutron (#’d/125) in the Base and Rookies sets, which is NEW this year!

Configuration: 16 boxes*/8 packs/5 cards (*2x 8-count inners)

2023-24 Panini Revolution NBA Basketball Cards Box Break:

  • (4) Rookies
  • (4) Inserts
  • (8) Parallels

2023-24 Panini Revolution NBA Basketball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Chase after randomly inserted autographs from the top Superstars, Legends, and 2023-24 NBA Rookies!
  • Hunt for randomly inserted autographs parallels such as Fractal (#’d/100 or less), Infinite (#’d/25), and Kaleido #'d 1-of-1!
  • (4) Rookies in Every Box!
    • Chase after some of the top rookies in a deep 2023-24 NBA Draft Class in a variety of parallels!
  • (4) Inserts in Every Box!
    • Find insert sets such as Vortex, Rookie Revolution, Shock Wave, Supernova, Liftoff!, in parallels #'d to 99 or less!
    • NEW! Sunburst parallel for inserts which is #'d to just 75!
    • Look for the popular short-printed Prime Time Performers insert that is randomly inserted!
    • NEW! Revolutionary and Rookie Variation short-printed inserts!
  • (8) Parallels in Every Box!
    • Groove, Fractal, Impact (#’d/149), Cosmic (#’d/99), Sunburst (#’d/75), Future Frame (#’d/60), Cubic (#’d/50), Lava (#’d/10), and Galactic!
    • NEW! Neutron #'d to 125

2023 Panini Impeccable WWE Hobby Box

2023 Panini Impeccable WWE Trading Cards delivers (5) Autographed Cards plus (1) Unique Insert and (3) Base Cards or Parallels in Every Box! Impeccable returns after its successful in-ring debut in 2022! 

onfiguration: 3 boxes/1 pack/9 cards

2023 Panini Impeccable WWE Trading Cards Box Break:

  • (5) Autographed Cards
  • (1) Unique Insert
  • (3) Base Cards or Parallels

2023 Panini Impeccable WWE Trading Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (5) Autographed Cards and (1) Unique Insert Card in Every Box!
    • Pull ON-CARD autographs of current sensations, fan favorites of past decades, and living legends enshrined in the Hall of Fame!
    • Find autographs highlighting key championship reigns, show-stealing matches, and the most popular tag teams in history!
    • Look for the always popular metal cards and inserts that contain either an ounce of real silver or a half-ounce of real gold!
    • Search for memorabilia cards that feature an ON-CARD autograph from some of the brightest stars of WWE!
    • Look for exciting sets that feature ON-CARD autographed memorabilia, JUMBO memorabilia, and ON-CARD autographs, on metal!
  • (3) Base Cards or Parallels in Every Box!

2024 Futera Nostalgia Unique Football Collection (Soccer) Hobby Box

2024 Futera NOSTALGIA UNIQUE Football Card Collection delivers a combination of (4) Premium Hits including Autographs Signed ON-CARD, Memorabilia Cards, 23K Gold Plated Framed Cards, 1-of-1 Cards. Every Box will also yield, up to, (20) Base Cards and (4) Base Parallels!

This NOSTALGIA Collection celebrates two decades of iconic Futera UNIQUE football card designs as a tribute to the past while embracing the future to provide a unique blend of nostalgia and innovation.

Configuration: 18 boxes*/4 packs/7 cards - (*3x 6-count inners)

2024 Futera NOSTALGIA UNIQUE Football Card Collection Box Break:

  • (4) Autographs Signed ON-CARD, Memorabilia Cards, 23K Gold Plated Framed Cards, 1-of-1 Cards (combination of)
  • (20) Base Cards (up to)
  • (4) Base Parallels

2024 Futera NOSTALGIA UNIQUE Football Card Collection PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • ON-CARD AUTOGRAPH SETS - A selection of card sets signed by current and legendary players. Every card states the location and date the player signed their card, including:
    • Ronaldinho
    • Darwin Nunez
    • Michael Owen
    • Sergio Busquets
    • Rio Ferdinand
  • GAME & TRAINING-USED MEMORABILIA - Most sets feature RARE Parallel cards (including '1 of 1's):
    • Max #'d to 32!
    • See attached sell sheet for complete list of sets.
  • 23ct GOLD-PLATED FRAMED CARDS including ‘1 of 1’ CARDS
    • (11) different themed sets Max #'d to 15!!
    • 1-of-1 Player Memorabilia Cards
    • 1-of-1 Cut Signatures
  • Key Features
    • Autograph sets feature ON-CARD signatures along with when & where the player signed their card is stated on the card back.
    • Game & Training-Used Memorabilia Cards include details of the player’s memorabilia are given on the card back.
    • Inserts are individually foil-numbered.
    • Most sets feature RARE Parallel cards, including 1-of-1's!
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